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​​Welcome to LONDON FLUTE TUITION - 17 years of providing first class flute tuition with a 100% student success rate.


Our teachers are enthusiastic, encouraging, dedicated, and caring, with a real passion for teaching, perfoming music, and nurturing each individual student's musical talent to the full!

Our teachers are skilled and experienced at teaching students of ALL ages, and ALL abilities, from complete beginners to those preparing for diploma examinations, or those who simply enjoy playing for fun!


Our teachers also hold clean and up to date enhanced DBS (CRB) certificates, which are available for parental inspection.




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"My teacher at London Flute Tuition is the BEST! I love my flute lessons and also have theory lessons which are  fun!" 

-- Rebecca, aged 8

(Grade 5 Distinction)

"I really enjoy my flute lessons with London Flute Tuition, and I am excited because I have just passed my grade 8 with distinction! The teacher is very friendly and makes lessons fun, interesting, and entertaining."

-- Ciara, aged 12

(Grade 8 Distinction)

"The teachers at London Flute Tuition have taught me flute since I was 10, and have also taught me theory and A level music tuition. They are the best! Very encouraging, positive, and outgoing, but no mistake is ever overlooked. Learning the flute has been so much fun, and in addition to syllabus repertoire my teacher and I will also sometimes play flute duets for a break, which makes sight reading fun!" 

-- Rebecca, aged 18

(DipABRSM, grade 8 Distinction, grade 8 theory Distinction, A Level Music grade A*)



"Katie is a talented professional flautist who is also an excellent flute teacher. I have had weekly lessons with her for over four years and I can attest to her professionalism, skills and ability to both empathise with and inspire her pupil. She is adept at working with you on those areas that are weak without that becoming a tedious chore. Very strongly recommended; she is a teacher who will take on adult amateurs as pupils."

-- Professor Peter Hobson

(Flute student)





Full references available upon request - Please enquire.




Did you know ... ?


Flute and Theory Grades 6, 7 & 8 have been awarded UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) points, just like AS and A levels.


Additionally, being able to play a musical instrument will make you look much more "well rounded", and will always look great on your CV!



© London Flute Tuition

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